Upgrade your OLD Computer

Generally When you upgrade your old computer you can use some of the old parts.

These parts are:

Floppy Disk Drive
Hardisk (if not too small)

Other Questions
We Can Custom build your system, just supply us the details of what you want and we will give you a price.

Did you need an operating system with the computer (if you don't already have a Legal version of Windows) YES.

We can back up all of your data for a cost of $15 onto CD before starting.

We can install and setup windows for a fresh start  $55

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Typical case used

UPGRADE OPTION 1      Price 
AMD Athlon 5000+ CPU             
     Including GST 
ECS Motherboard ECS 6100SM-M 3PCI / AGP /3D Audio/LAN / 2DDR / 256M onboard Video    
On Board  sound  / 256M Video / LAN    
ATX Midi Case      
1Gb  DDR2 Memory (667Mhz)      
Labour to setup & Copy over from old SYSTEM    
PRICE     $380.00
Additions if needed    
Windows Xp Software      $          130.00
160Gig Hard Disk Drive (8M Cache 7200rpm)    $          75.00
LG DVD Burner      $            45.00
Keyboad & Mouse     $         25